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Professional Members

List of current members

By harnessing the knowledge, experiences, and resources of our percussion community, we intend to be a positive and proactive force in supporting aspiring professional percussionists from underrepresented and underserved communities.  Through the collective input of these distinguished performers and educators, our Professional Members will help the NDCP realize its mission.


Professional Members may participate in the following ways:

  • Leading Individual Sessions (private lessons, personal mentoring, and/or professional development) and/or Group Sessions (performance masterclasses, studio classes, mock auditions, percussion equipment maintenance classes, and group mentoring sessions).

  • Loaning and/or donating equipment.

  • Advising and/or helping a student in your area (see Percussion Guidance Counselor).

  • Promoting the Network and our activities on social media.

  • Donating to help fund our Youth and Emerging Artist Programs.


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Are you member of an underrepresented/underserved community? (Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Queer, and/or women)

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Current Members

NDCP Cohort Faculty:

Percussionists who provide masterclasses, professional development, mentoring sessions, and lessons

for NDCP Youth and Emerging Artists - this list changes every season

Cohort Faculty for this season will be announced soon!

NDCP Professional Members:


  • Timothy K. Adams, University of Georgia, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (former), Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (former)

  • Keith Aleo, Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen Arts Camp

  • Michael Barranco, Freelancer

  • Trevor Barroero, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Lineage Percussion

  • Matthew Bassett, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Jim Benoit, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

  • Joe Bergen, Mantra Percussion

  • Jonathan Bisesi, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band, University of Maryland

  • Kyle Brightwell, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Boston University

  • Michael Burritt, Eastman School of Music, soloist, composer

  • Douglas Cardwell, Santa Fe Pro Musica

  • Sergio Carreno, Oregon Symphony

  • Keith Carrick, Utah Symphony

  • Alison Chorn, Fort Wayne Philharmonic

  • Scott Christian, National Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland

  • Chris Clark, Clark Media Productions

  • Britton-Renè Collins, Performer, educator, Concert Artists Guild, Excelsis percussion quartet

  • Eriko Daimo, Marimba soloist, Juilliard Pre-College

  • Patsy Dash, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Percussion Scholarship Group

  • Steph Davis, Performer, composer, educator, cultural activist

  • Elizabeth DeLamater, Educator, freelancer, scholar, PAS Diversity Alliance

  • Ian Ding, Freelancer, DePaul University

  • Quincy Doenges, Waveform Collective, educator, freelancer

  • Escape Ten, Percussion duo

  • Dave DePeters, National Repertory Orchestra

  • Niel DePonte, Oregon Symphony (former)

  • Zachary Edwards, Freelancer, Edwards Mallets

  • Jeremy Epp, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, University of Michigan, Brevard Music Center

  • Andrew Ferdig, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, freelancer

  • Pedro Fernandez, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

  • Abby Fisher, Northern Arizona University, Fisher/Lau Project, Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra

  • Lauren Floyd, Freelancer, Lineage Percussion

  • Jauvon Gilliam, National Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland, Capitol Percussion, National Orchestral Institute + Festival

  • Tom Greenleaves, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra

  • Jason Haaheim, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Bard College

  • Cory Hills, Creator of percussive storytelling; LA based recording artist

  • Michael Hopkins, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band

  • Matt Howard, Los Angeles Philharmonic

  • Brandon Ilaw, Freelancer

  • Josh Jones, Grant Park Orchestra

  • Dinesh Joseph, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Dragonfly Percussion

  • Ji Hye Jung, Vanderbilt University, The Percussion Collective

  • Ross Karre, Oberlin College & Conservatory, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

  • Stephen Kehner, Oregon Symphony

  • Wardell King, Performer, educator

  • Marty Kluger, Springfield Symphony Orchestra

  • John Lane, Sam Houston State University

  • Matthew Lau, Freelancer, educator, soloist, chamber musician, entrepreneur, Fisher/Lau Project

  • John Leister, Teacher, performer, retired school principal

  • Stanley Leonard, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (former)

  • Ryan Leveille, Charleston Symphony Orchestra

  • Darren Lin, “The President's Own" United States Marine Band

  • Ken Lovelett, American Percussion Instruments

  • Jeffrey Luft, Luft Mallets

  • Quintin Mallette, Fayetteville State University

  • Sidonie McCray, United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"

  • Fernando Meza, University of Minnesota

  • Joseph D. Mitchell, California State University Dominguez Hills, freelancer

  • Patrick Moore, South Carolina State University (HBCU)

  • Jason Niehoff, United States Navy Band

  • Patti Niemi, San Francisco Opera Orchestra, author

  • Jacob Nissly, San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

  • Joel Panian, Jacksonville Symphony

  • Andrés Pichardo-Rosenthal, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

  • Brian Prechtl, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, composer, teacher

  • Mike Ranelli, Freelancer

  • Recap Quartet, Percussion quartet

  • Matt Richards, Missouri Symphony, Virtual Percussion Music Festival

  • Pablo Rieppi, New York City Ballet, Juilliard Pre-College, Percussion On The Sound (POTS!)

  • Luke Rinderknecht, Chamber musician, Bowdoin International Music Festival

  • Milton Salazar, Freelancer, teacher

  • Matt Sharrock, Transient Canvas, Hinge, Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston

  • Aaron T. Smith, Loyola Marymount University, California State University Northridge, Percussive Notes

  • Megumi Smith, California State University Dominguez Hills, Santa Monica College, Youth Orchestra Los Angeles

  • Sam Solomon, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Juilliard Summer Percussion Seminar

  • Chihiro Snider, Freelancer, teacher

  • So Percussion, Percussion quartet

  • Leonardo R. Soto, Houston Symphony, Brevard Music Center

  • Alan Stewart, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

  • Amy Stubbs, Sacramento Philharmonic, University of Pittsburgh, A. Stubbs Percussion

  • Marcelina Suchocka, Sarasota Orchestra, Britt Festival Orchestra, Excelsis percussion quartet, Pathos Trio

  • Ian Sullivan, New York City Ballet, Rutgers University, Columbia University

  • Wesley Sumpter, LA Philharmonic Resident Fellow (former), Lineage Percussion

  • Third Coast Percussion, Percussion quartet

  • Shaun Tilburg, The Phoenix Symphony, Pocket Publications

  • Luis Vargas, Freelancer

  • Joe Venegoni, Performing artist, musician in dance

  • Karlyn Viña, Shenandoah Conservatory

  • Donna Walker-Kuhne, Walker International Communications Group, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Impact Broadway, New York University

  • Chris Whyte, Portland State University

  • Alana Wiesing, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, University of Arizona, National Orchestral Institute + Festival

  • Cynthia Yeh, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, DePaul University, Aspen Music Festival

  • Earl Yowell, Shenandoah University

  • Angela Zator Nelson, Philadelphia Orchestra

  • Nancy Zeltsman, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Berklee College of Music

  • Kyle Zerna, New York Philharmonic, Manhattan School of Music

Cohort Faculty
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