​​Audition criteria

  • Youth Artists

    • ​Youth percussionists of all ability levels are encouraged to apply.  

    • Suggested repertoire can be found here.

    • Beginner percussionists in need of repertoire to perform for their NDCP audition may play one or all of the solos linked below.  

    • Audition videos should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

  • Emerging Artists

    • Solos, etudes, and orchestral excerpts that are currently a part of your curriculum will be appropriate for the NDCP audition.

    • Perform a wide variety of repertoire on many percussion instruments to showcase your skills.

    • Repertoire should be at a pre-professional to professional skill level.

    • Audition videos should not exceed 20 minutes in length.

Video audition guidelines and tips

  • Guidelines

    • Applicants are allowed to record on any device with audio and video capabilities.

    • Each solo/excerpt must be shot in one complete take.

    • Announce your full name at the beginning of your video.

    • Announce the title, movement and/or measures/rehearsal markings (if applicable), and composer of each solo/excerpt before your performance.

    • Continuous audition videos are not required.  Breaks between each solo/excerpt are allowed.

    • Audio/video edits or enhancements are not permitted.

    • Applicants do not need to scan or submit their chosen repertoire.

  • Tips

    • Watch this video for audition tips!

    • Dress appropriately.

    • Record in a room with good lighting (not too much backlight).

    • Angle your video and position your music stand(s) so your technique (hands and sticks/mallets) can be seen.

    • Conduct test runs before creating and submitting your audition video.

    • Make sure the entire instrument fits into the video.

    • Speak loudly and clearly, and look directly into the video camera when introducing yourself and your repertoire.

    • Seek feedback from trusted educators and mentors prior to submission.


Applications for our Youth and Emerging Artist programs have closed.  
Please check back in the spring for next year's application.  
If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact us at

Please note that only percussionists who are based in the U.S. for the 2021-2022 school year are eligible to apply for the Youth and Emerging Artist programs.