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Emerging Artist program

There are several Emerging Artist positions available each year to percussionists who are Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Queer, and/or women ages 18-25.
Emerging Artists will benefit from the knowledge, experiences, and resources of the
Professional Members, and will have a role in the mentorship of Youth Artists.
An application must be completed for consideration for admission. 

​What will Emerging Artists receive?

  • Two to three NDCP sessions per month.​​

    • Individual Sessions (personal mentoring, professional development, and/or private lessons*) with Professional Members that are scheduled independently between the participating parties.

    • Group Sessions (performance masterclasses, studio classes, mock auditions, percussion equipment maintenance classes, and group mentoring sessions) with Cohort Faculty that typically take place on Sunday evenings at 7 PM Eastern.

    • 2021-2022 Calendar

    • 2022-2023 Calendar

  • Experience providing mentorship for Youth Artists. 

  • Financial support will be available for music festivals, auditions, and conferences.

  • NDCP support in procuring and accessing concert percussion equipment and practice facilities as needed.

  • Emerging Artist positions are free. 

  • Start date: October 2, 2022.  End date: May 14, 2023.

  • Emerging Artist positions are limited to one year.

*as needed but not to replace current studies.

Have a question not answered here?  Check our FAQ page!

How do I apply to be an Emerging Artist?

Applications are now closed for the 2023-2024 season.

Applications, criteria, guidelines, and tips can be found here.

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