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Our Supporters

“Think about the value that the arts have had in your life, your sphere, your world and then assess the potential impact of their absence. Everyone must become a spokesperson, an advocate, a leader, a catalyst for change.”


-Aaron Dworkin

Thank you for being spokespersons, advocates, leaders, and catalysts for change. YOU are making a difference not only in the classical percussion community but for all humankind. The NDCP extends it’s gratitude and utmost appreciation for your belief in us and would like to recognize the following donors:

Corporate Sponsors

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Individual Supporters

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Since November 1, 2023

Anonymous (4)

John Abbracciamento

Harold Arnold

Priti Bangia

Emily Becker and Cary Chugh

Elisabeth Berry

Peter and Judi Biltekoff

Jonathan Bisesi

Sandra Bisesi

Susan Bondy

Judith Brennan

Meg Brennan

Erin Brennan Hall

Robert Davis

Kyle Flens

Betsy Gibbs

Marjorie Goldberg

Donald J. Carducci

Don Johns

Ross Karre

Connor Kelley

Rick Kollins and Ilene Alt

Alex MacMillan

Harry Marenstein

Laura McAuley

George Nickson

Chu Wen Ong

Kim Osberg

Carol Oswald

Joanna Owen

Joyce Pope


Earl R Yowell

Luke Rinderknecht

Gail Rinderknecht

Davina Sandground

Judith Sandground

Lauren Sandground

Kathleen and Bruce Sandground

Richard Scerbo

Cheryl Schiele

Amy Stubbs

Steve Weiss Music

Lucy Tarantino

Christine D Tarantino

Nana Vaughn

William M Wanser

Bonnie Whiting

Alana Wiesing

Tasha and Al Wiesing

Paul Yonemura

If you have yet to make a donation to the Network for Diversity in Concert Percussion and would like to support our work, please consider making a donation, of any amount, by clicking the button below.


All gifts have an impact and now is your chance to be a catalyst for change.

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