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Frequently Asked Questions


General questions: 


Who is eligible to receive services through the NDCP?

Percussion students who identify as Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Queer, and/or women entering grade 6 through 25 years of age. At this time, only percussionists who are based in the U.S. are eligible to receive services through the NDCP.


How does the NDCP define concert percussion? 

It is a term we use to describe classical percussion in the context of symphony orchestras, concert wind bands, chamber ensembles, and solo performances.


What Instruments are included in concert percussion? 

This list can be quite large! For our FAQ purposes, we will keep it concise: snare drum (concert, not marching), timpani, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel, drum set (performing with a concert ensemble), and accessories (tambourine, crash cymbals, triangle, and bass drum).

If my background is in the marching arts (marching band, indoor drumline, drum corps, bucket bands), can I still apply and participate?

If you have an interest in concert percussion, you are welcome to apply and receive NDCP services even if concert percussion is not your background. We encourage multiple interests and percussion outlets, but NDCP services will be geared towards our definition of concert percussion.


Virtual platforms, privacy, and safety questions:


Are NDCP services in-person or virtual?

NDCP services will be held virtually. 


What virtual-video platform will be used for NDCP services?

Zoom. Applicable Zoom links will be sent to all participants prior to each NDCP session/service.


Do parents/guardians with students who have not turned 18 (“minors”) have to consent to this virtual format in order to receive NDCP services? 

Yes. Parents/guardians will receive consent forms to sign and submit to the Network.


What safety/privacy precautions will the NDCP provide to guarantee the safety of my child or dependent?

The NDCP requires each NDCP Professional Member to agree to follow NDCP's safety and ethics policies and procedures prior to performing any NDCP service. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us

Youth/Emerging Artist and Percussion Guidance Counselor questions:


What can the NDCP do for me, my student, or my child/dependent?

Click here for Youth Artist program information (grades 6-12)

Click here for Emerging Artist program information (ages 18-25)

Click here for Percussion Guidance Counselor information

Will the NDCP services conflict with the programs I’m currently enrolled in?

No. The NDCP is not meant to replace or conflict with any of your current studies. We are here to support and assist you on your current path.


Is there a fee to be a Youth or Emerging Artist?



I’m interested in becoming a Youth or Emerging Artist, but I don’t have the equipment or facilities to make a high quality audition video. Can I still apply?

Yes, yes, so many yeses. Click here for our video audition guidelines and tips.  Still have questions? Email us at with SUBMISSION INQUIRY in the subject heading. 


Will the NDCP pay for everything a Youth or Emerging Artist currently needs?

No, but we wish we could. Prior to beginning the program, each NDCP Youth and Emerging Artist (and applicable parents/guardians) will meet with NDCP leadership and discuss how the Network can/will best support their needs. 

When do NDCP services take place?

All group sessions are typically scheduled for Sunday evenings at 7 PM Eastern, and individual sessions are independently scheduled between the participating parties. Also, there is a calendar of events that includes masterclasses and professional development sessions. Mentoring sessions and private instruction (if needed) will be determined after the program begins.


I missed the NDCP Youth and Emerging Artist application deadline or was not selected to participate this year. Can I still seek help or advice from the NDCP?

Yes. Please visit our Percussion Guidance Counselor page.

NDCP Professional Members questions:


Is there a fee to be a Professional Member?


Technically speaking, how will I be involved as an NDCP Professional Member? 

Involvement will be jointly determined by the Professional Member and the Network.  


Will I be required to sign a consent and conflict of interest form as well as acknowledge the NDCP safety and ethics procedures prior to working with NDCP Youth or Emerging Artists and/or delivering NDCP Percussion Guidance Counselor Services?

Yes. Consent and safety and ethics forms will be sent and must be signed by each Professional Member prior to participating in any NDCP program.


I retired from my full-time professional position and feel that I can offer services to the NDCP. Can I be an NDCP Professional Member?

Absolutely! We want you! Sign up here.


I’m not a percussionist, but I still feel that I can support the mission of the NDCP. Can I become a Professional Member?

Yes! Even percussionists don’t have all of the answers, so we would love to hear from you and learn how your experience can add to the NDCP. Sign up on our NDCP Professional Members page and state how you would like to be involved. We appreciate the perspective you would bring to our Network!

I do not identify as a member of an underrepresented/underserved community. Can I become a Professional Member?

Yes, we'd love to have you! Sign up here.


Donation questions:


If I wish to donate to the NDCP, what does my donation go towards?

Donated funds to the NDCP will provide support for our Youth and Emerging Artists in a variety of ways, including but not limited to private lessons, youth orchestra and/or festival fees, travel expenses, mentoring, professional development services, masterclasses, percussion equipment maintenance and procurement, and general operating costs of the Network.


Is there a minimum or maximum donation amount?

No, we accept donations in any amount. Please click here or email us at with the subject heading DONATION.




I still have a question that you didn’t answer above. Can you answer this for me?

Absolutely! Email us at with QUESTION in the subject heading. 

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