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Alumni Futures Grant

To apply for the NDCP Alumni Futures Grant, please click the link HERE!

Purpose of the Grant

The Network for Diversity in Concert Percussion Alumni Futures Grant was created to support the alumni of the NDCP by increasing their professional outreach and furthering their longevity as artists and musicians. With this Grant, NDCP Alumni will be empowered to pursue future endeavors and career goals in a variety of ways, including but not limited to travel and lodging for auditions, recording sessions, summer programs/internships, and equipment acquisition. As leaders, NDCP Alumni can continue to enhance their skills, serve as role models for NDCP cohorts, and make a positive impact in the concert percussion community.

Eligibility and Timeline

All NDCP Alumni are eligible for the NDCP Alumni Futures Grant. For Quarter 3, the Alumni applicant may request a Grant of an amount up to $500.

The Quarter 3 application will be open from June 1st through July 1st.

After the application window is closed for Quarter 3, applicants will be notified no later than August 1st regarding if they have been awarded a Grant.

If awarded, applicants will be able to receive funding starting on August 15th. Funds must be fully disbursed by September 15th.


Grant determinations cannot be appealed, but Alumni may apply for a Grant in subsequent quarters should their application be denied during a prior quarter cycle.

Application Requirements

In the online application, Alumni applicants will need to write a short essay (500 words maximum, Microsoft Word or PDF) that answers the following questions:

  • What would the NDCP Alumni Futures Grant be used for? 

  • Why is this purchase important? 

  • What is the personal impact of the Alumni Futures Grant? 

  • When is the item needed and/or when is the event/activity taking place?

Essays should reflect the mission of the NDCP Alumni Futures Grant by showing how the funding would help increase the Artist’s professional outreach and longevity. Some examples of items that could be funded include a portion of large instrument purchases, auditions, recording sessions, tuition/education, summer programs, and more. Applicable documents must be included in the application (instrument invoice, audition acceptance notification, recording reservation confirmation, payment statement, acceptance letter, etc.).

In outlining how the Grant money would be used, Artists should also include a specific, projected budget to include fees, travel, lodging, meals, and/or any other pertinent expenses. This is only an initial projection - the Grant will be disbursed to awardees upon the submission of final receipts for all expenses to the NDCP.


The awarded applicant will be required to send a one-paragraph document to the NDCP upon the completion of the purchase and/or project that was supported by the Grant. This document will inform the NDCP of the timeline in which the funds were utilized and the resulting impact of this Grant on the Alumni Artist. More details on this document will be shared once an applicant is made aware of their successful application.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at


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